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In the mid 1950's, as a boy in his early teens, I spent at least one week every summer at Pecks Lake with my sister, brother in law and their son. They were the Johnson's from the Albany area. We always rented the same camp, Oh-So-Easy.

Those days were some of the most memorable ones of my life. I have vivid memories of Mr. Peck's boat, The Linda, and the trophy (fish) heads that hung on the barn. But the most memorable moments was when one of the Peck's (Alby?) helped remove a fish hook that had become stuck in my thumb. I still carry the scar, 63 years later.

The Peck family of those wonderful days will always live in the bright side of my mind. Your Web site has kindled some beautiful memories. Thank you for doing that.... Jack Pahl.... Hughestown, PA.


It started 15 years ago, as a kid, with a family vacation to Peck's Lake. Our trip had a purpose; it was two-fold, to take a vacation with family and to search for a new house. As a city girl born and raised in Flushing, New York, our vacation to Peck's Lake was a new experience, a fantastic one at best. Fishing and the outdoors was not new to our family as we fished just about every weekend we could at the beach (ocean and bays.) The fishing at Pecks Lake 15 years ago was as pleasant and abundant as it is now.

August 2008 was our 2nd annual vacation to Peck's Lake with my family. We couldn't ask or look for a better place. Relaxing, plentiful, friendly and affordable sums up our experiences at Peck's Lake.

Relaxing...waking up to the sound of a rippling lake with small waves gently rolling against the shoreline primarily made from the early morning boaters and fisherman. The loons, mallard ducks and wood ducks calling to each other in the morning was a sound I most enjoyed. Every once in a while, you would hear a loud splash made from the tail of a beaver diving into the water.

Plentiful...fishing and wildlife! If you can't catch a fish at Peck's Lake, you obviously are not wetting your line. We spent two weeks, one week in Cottage 7 and one week in Cottage 11 and caught over 520 fish. Yes, we kept track using a chart that my step-son made on the computer and we even have it broken down on how many of each species we caught. Believe it or not, most of the fish were caught using nightcrawlers and bobbers. No fancy lures necessary, although they caught fish as well. Largemouth, Small mouth, bluegill, pickerel, perch, bullhead, crappie and rock bass were largely caught. Trout and walleye are abundant in the lake as well, but we didn't fish any of the deep, cold holes. During our stay, we did hear and see pictures of those who caught those species. The fish are healthy, the water is clear and the weed population is evidently making just enough cover and growth for the fish population to survive. There was much evidence of bait, but according to my husband, the lake could use more bait, but what lake doesn't or wouldn't want more bait? Crayfish was noted too, as my step-son and i spent several hours turning over rocks along the shoreline to find them and we surely did.

Friendly... the Peck family and employees at Peck's Lake truly rounded out our vacation. Several daily visits to the boathouse to catch up on the daily events and catches of the day seemed to be a customary event. Our vacation wouldn't be the same without seeing and talking to them daily. We really enjoyed their nightly visits and our fishing adventures. They are a family (pets too!) oriented place and that is something that is very important to us.

Lastly, affordable.. call for their rates, you can't beat the prices. Both of our cottages were situated on the lake (none of this lake access nonsense), comes with the use of their rowboat or you can bring your own boat as long as it falls under their boating regulations, kitchen with most amenities, such as stove, refrigerator, microwave and most importantly, a coffee pot! They are rustic but absolutely charming.

As I sit here and write this a smile forms on my face because I no longer have to call each year to make my reservations, we have recently leased a seasonal campsite, look out Peck's Lake here we come. Yes, we were on the waiting list and it was finally our time! Get on the list, it is truly worth the wait. Peck's Lake is our home away from home... good friends, good company, a good time.


Submitted by: Christina Strong, Long Island, NY

It’s the third week of July and everybody in my family is very excited; we are on our way to our favorite vacation spot in the Southern Adirondacks in Upstate New York. The place is Peck’s Lake in Gloversville, northwest of Albany; rich in natural beauty and history.

Every year in July my family rents cabins all along the lake closest to the boat house, bath house, snack stand and the old fashion telephone booth. Back in 1975 when our mom first took at a vacation here with three out of her six of her children, they rented a campsite. In later years, she would rent one of the cabins on the lakefront but soon her children grew up and brought their spouses and children and one cabin was no longer possible. We now take six cabins along the lakefront and benefit having a community grassy area, picnic tables and campfire pits to share.

My family’s favorite Pecks Lake recreation activities include: water tubing, waterskiing, water boarding, water basketball became a favorite. On land beach ball, volley, hiking, treasure hunt using boats and finding clues all over the lake area. Another favorite tradition is boating to and swimming at Rock Island, a big rock island in the lake.

Card playing – Hearts especially with the men and some of the boys, and of course, the friendly competition of who can build the best campfire each night we are there. Sitting around the campfire at night is a special time of telling stories and reviewing the day’s events and who caught fish that day. Lots of Laughter and Fun.


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