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Oh So Easy

Oh So Easy is one of our small cottages with wonderful charm. The bright kitchen has an antique wood cookstove, with a microwave and propane cookstove for those not feeling adventuresome. The built-in shelves offer storage space. A large wooden table has plenty of seating for dining. The kitchen has hot and cold running water.

Only one bedroom, with two double beds and an extra cot, but take a look at the details. Lights over the head of each bed, and windows on both sides of the room for a light breeze at night.

The views from the quiet porch are both lake and trees, offering some privacy from the lake side. The picnic area out front and fireplace is in a grassy yard, with plenty of room for fun.


view from porch

view of picnic area



Oh So Easy exterior

adorable kitchen with antique stove

dining area





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