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Deer Lodge

Deer Lodge is nestled into the woods, with a wooden bridge leading to the cottage from the parking area. Imagine the spectacular sunset views from your porch, as you relax and fish at the same time.

This cottage has a bright and sunny kitchen in the back, with wood stove and microwave, and built-in pantry for storage. A propane cooktop will assist with your cooking needs. The kitchen has hot and cold running water. A large room for dining has a full size table with an area for relaxing at the end of the day.

The upstairs has 3 bedrooms (2 are fairly small), with four beds.

The grassy areas around the cottage can be used for picnics, with a fireplace perfect for marshmallows in the evenings. A small wooden bridge completes the idyllic surroundings.

View from the porch

Picnic area

Private play area





Deer Lodge from the Lake

Sunny Kitchen


Living and Dining Area


Dining area



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