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Mountainview lives up to its name, with beautiful views of the Adirondacks in the distance. This cottage is one of our more private ones, with water on two sides, and plenty of space.

With a knotty pine interior, Mountainview has a rustic look and feel. The kitchen offers a wood cookstove and microwave. A propane cooktop will assist with your cooking needs. The kitchen has hot and cold running water.The old fashioned cabinet, along with built-in shelves offer plenty of storage. The combination kitchen/dining and living area has a big picture window, allowing constant views onto the lake.

Two bedrooms on either side of the living area offer two double and two single beds, sleeping between four and six people.

The front of the cottage is sunny, and the back offers space for parking as well as play.


View from porch

View from porch


Front of cottage and picnic





Table and view of the lake

Cabinet and shelves

Bedroom 1-single

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2




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