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Coveview is situated on the side of a small cove, close to the water and yet far enough away to have a small yard in front.

Coveview is part of our group of newer cottages on the western shore that all offer knotty pine interiors, large porches and beautiful eastern views of the lake.

The combination kitchen/dining and living area has a large wood cookstove, refrigerator and microwave, with a large picture window view out onto the lake. A propane cooktop will assist with your cooking needs. The kitchen has hot and cold running water.

Bedrooms on either side of the main room offer a double and single bed in each room, sleeping between four and six people.

Come enjoy the quiet and peace, on your porch watching the sunrise and listen to the loons.

View towards the cove

View of the lake

Picnic area




Coveview from the water

Old fashioned cabinet and shelves

Kitchen area

Large table overlooking lake

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2



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